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Simply Elegant Events

Creating Timeless, Elegant and Unique Events!

Simply Elegant Events
is an event planning boutique that specializes in wedding planning customized to each of its unique clients.  

Love Letters

Theresa Ford is an extraordinary event planner and a true professional. She taps into her formal education, qualifications and skills in business management  and human resources to run a successful business.  Through her business, Simply Elegant Events, Ms. Ford is a great communicator, she possesses a calm demeanor when engaging with clients,  she's well organized and budget conscious.  I found her to be so excited about her new venture . I've known Theresa for five years. She has assisted in designing and organizing several monthly staff events for out organization including the beginning of football season party where she created a design as if we were sitting at a stadium. In other words, she transformed a large conference room into a stadium with her design.  I found that one of her strengths include putting her creative design in motion as she envisioned it. Theresa is also a wonderful wedding planner for any potential bride for her special day or other events as well.  I wish her well! 


TEI, Washington D.C.

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